It is banned in Google Adsense

As (publisher) adsense ads, then we must know the "Program Policies" issued by Google Adsense. And this policy update kontinyu.Oleh sellau on why we must be diligent to see the new policy is likely to change. You can visit it here: Google Adsense Program Policies.

Here's one that we must note, that as we are prohibited from advertising publishers click their own ads, or by any means, for example by manual methods, or to use specific techniques in terms of improving impressions or clicks on the ad.

It should be understood that click on Google ads must come from visitors who really intend to click on it. Any method that artificially generates clicks or impressions on Google ads is strictly prohibited.The method diularang that include:- Manual clicks or impressions are repeated,- By using the tool automatically generating clicks and impressions,- As well as the use of robots or tools / scripts deceptive software.

Encouraging clicks
We also should not ask someone else, whether it is visitors Arau other webmasters to click on ads or using deceptive methods to obtain clicks.

Examples of methods that are not allowed include:- Offering a compensation or gifts to visitors if you want to click on ads or if you want to search on gogle search box,- Saying the results of the ad revenue will be donated so that visitors would click on ads,- Placing an image on the sides (top, or bottom, or side) of each ad.- Encouraging users to click on Google ads using words such as "click the ads", "support us", "visit this link," or other similar language. Or ..- Placing misleading labels above Google ad units. "Favorite Sites" or "hottest Offer Today."Which allowed only reply like this "Sponsored Links" or "rent", or "Ads By Google"- To direct the attention of visitors to the ad with an arrow or other signs of lawyer direction of attention.- Placing ads in Pop Up Window (pop-ups).- Format the ad so can not be distinguished from other content on the page.- Format the content of the site so difficult to distinguish from the ad.

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