Google Adsense Secrets

Secret One: Format Ads
Select a format appropriate ads. You may select banners, skyscrappers, squares, links and so forth. You may view and vote at adformats

You can put that three ads on one page. Actually, if a lot of ads but no one who clicks needless. Make sure the ads are selected according to your website. I recommend you use 336x280 and 300x250 ads for the middle portion of the web.

Secrets to-Two: Make sure do not look like Ads Ads
People who surf are mostly looking for information not to click on ads. Ads are inserted must be changed according to adapt to the web. The main conclusion mostly Publishers / webmasters putting ads provided by Google is by default. They immediately do not change it to look more attractive and to adapt to the web as background color and text.

Secret of the Three: Use the Text Ads

 Select Text ads, people will not click on the image. Use text ads, people will definitely click if visible link from your web. Imagine if you are a visitor, you will click on the picture?

Secrets to-Four: Elect form 

Create a web with highlighting Adsense. Do not hide your ads. Do not place the location of ads that are not seen by the traveler. No who will click if it is hidden.Make your ads look like he was part of your web content.

Secrets to-Five: Remove Border 

Make sure the ads border background color is equated with the web. Change the color so it looks like part of your web link.

Click-Through can also be duplicated by removing the border ads.

Secrets to Six: Color Text ads 

The color of text ads is also one of their forms. Make sure the text for the ads the same color as the color of your web text ..

Secrets to-Seven: a little more Good Ads 

Sometimes, put a lot of adsense ads will reduce our revenue because of low-value ads that came out kerana too many ads. Use the placement will be felt more in clicks.

Secrets of the Eight: Include the Google Search BoxYou must enter the Google Search box ..

Secrets to-Nine: Use maximum Ads 

Use ads in a maximum. If you feel you need to use three ads on one page, use it. Make sure the ads are appropriate position.

Secrets of the Ten: Make sure the web content is the keyword expensive 

Make sure the content of web pages that contain adequate high-value keywords. He will increase your income even though the number of clicks a little.

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