SEO Guide to be number one in Search Engine

The visitor is the most important parameter to assess monetize your blog (more visitors = more money). Most of the number of visitors coming from search engines. To assess monetize efficiently, the most important is the content of our blog indexed in search engines (Search Engine Result Pages / SERP). SEO Tricks will help you to achieve this.

There are two types of search appears:
* Natural
* Paid (eg sponsored links in Google SERP).

Let us focus on to increase the ranking in search engines naturally. If the contents of our website are on the home page SERP that would ensure that most people will find our website.

Search engines basically requires one to know where to put your blog on their list - a group of keywords that are used for searching. For example, if your blog title is Guide to Making Money, probably will be on the start page when people search with the keyword 'guide to make money. But it may be placed under the thousands of other websites when searched with the keyword 'make money online'. That question is much in demand. The answer is obvious.

The key was to implement SEO in knowing what keywords are used and how to optimize your use of them. Usually keywords are sought to target the millions of h and blog, where we have to compete to raise the SERP. Finding a balance between the competence of our blogs and highly searched keywords is a challenge.

SEO keyword research and require a lot of time. Even professional bloggers take several months to raise the position in the SERP on the home page. On top of that, the content is at the core of a blog.

Target The Right Keywords

Deciding the content of the blog is the most critical. You should do research on keywords before deciding. First of all we check are:

* The number of keyword searches.
* Competitors - competitors who writes with the same keywords.
* Serve ads based on that keyword.
* Variations of these keywords: synonym-synonym them and the relationship of words or phrases (in which fewer competitors).

The best tool to help you with this is Submit Express There are other keyword tools that are available with different abilities.

Choose a Domain Name Worth

SEO keywords beginning of the URL. A good domain name contains a keyword in it. It's good you have a URL like, but you will let go the opportunity in the SERP position of the group if it does not contain the keyword. He explained that help SEO better than Unless you already have a high reputation and your name much in demand.

Another perspective on the domain name is going to build a trademark that so much good in the end, with something simple and easy to remember. But when you've make a blog to a certain extent, is not good when we change the domain name.

Use Keywords in part / section of another

The idea was to maximize the use of keywords wherever possible. These are the places where we can put keywords:
* Blog Title-The title of the blog that is used should contain keywords.
* Blog Description - This is where you want to write expressions of interest, and rich with keywords. If you are seated even on No1, but your description does not withdraw, there will be no one will click to your blog.
* The name of the file - use keywords to create files, images, photographs, graphics, videos, etc..
* Internal Connection-Some sites use a mapping with a hyperlink images, or buttons to navigate within the page. This works against SEO. It is better to use text links instead of images where the link text is better to improve your position in search engines.
* Etiquette or Labels - Each posts should be labeled or labeled with keywords to help strengthen the SEO. Some of the leading blog directories, like Technorati, use this to identify the blog.

Blog Titles, descriptions, and keywords can be enhanced by using META tags. Here is an article on how to efficiently use the META tags.

Use keywords that are often in content

How do search engine algorithms to decide the placement of a posting. They will scan the number of keywords used in the post, with different considerations. To create posts related to any specific keywords, is to use and repetition that is often in the post. But do not do this too much too often. Keyword density in the post has two benefits:

* Bringing in the advertisements associated dengana post pages. The ads have a click-through related-rates better (CTR).
* Improve ranking on keyword.

Build Links from External Locations

One carauntuk get links is to exchange links, usually placed on the Blogrolls. Getting links from other blogs higher will help in SEO. Another way to do this is by enrolling in the directory. Free directories like DMOZ. Or on social media directory (eg Digg, StumbleUpon.

Two benefits of registering in the directory:
* Build links from external sites to blogs / posts us.
* Increase the number of visitors from that directory.

Use keywords to Anchor

Do not use the term 'click here', it's better to use a hyperlink keywords instead. This hyperlink is more appreciated than normal text. Anchor SEO keywords are more supportive than the anchor clickhere.

Create an efficient blog site navigation

How can affect the reader for much longer on your blog? Make them easier to find the content of your blog. For this we created an efficient post locations, such as archives or category list. Even better to register the material relating to the end of the post. Use keywords to the anchor link. This is very useful in SEO because of the connection in their own blogs using keywords, even if only internally, and helps spiders to explore blogs with ease.

Good luck

Credit: Tiny Houses Tutorial

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