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To be able to earn income from the Internet or online earning, the most frequently done is to create a website to sell our own products through the Internet. So the Internet just became our medium to perform marketing activities via the Internet.

Another way is by selling products or services of others, then we take a commission on the sale or references to products or services we are selling aid. This method is usually referred to as "internediaries" or "affiliate", where we work together with the owner of the products or services to help marketing their products or services, and get a commission if the products or services sold or referenced.

How do I make Money Online
Affiliates of the most popular and is still a major revenue source of the "online marketer" is Google Adsense of Google. Google Adsense will place ads from companies that contract to Google on a website or blog. The ad is in the form of text links or banner ads that are contextual. This means ads that come out on the website or blog, will be in accordance with the contents of the website or blog.

Amazon is another form of affiliation, which we will work with the world's largest online stores to help promote products that are sold Amazon. We will post pictures, descriptions and prices of products that we adjust our website or blog. If there are visitors who come through our website or blog and then they buy on Amazon, then we will get a commission of 4% - 6% of the total value of sales of these products.

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