Google Adsense banned - just use Adsense Alternative!

Adsense AlternativeApparently there are many ways to find other than Adsense Dollar just try other alternatives, this article kusus for my friends who are desperate, because his Adsense account at Google grandfather Banned because of an error that led to quite disappointing.

If friends can be unfortunate, check the tires all. do not be discouraged ... there are many comrades who have not broken eggs are still a lot of adsense alternative, adsense alternatives complete list is at the bottom of this article. I will try to review the key players following.

Adsense Alternative


Earnings Per Click
Vibrant Media

Adsense vs. Adsonar
Adsense is better than Adsonar, plus more, by using adsonar, advertisements will make the website has the look "spammy".

Adsense vs. Bidclix
Nothing can be compared. Adsense beat Bidclix without a doubt, advertisements out of the target.

Adsense vs. Clicksor
Adsense makes Clicksor appear ridiculous - the pay is less convincing, even very bad. Adsense beat Clocksor without problems.

Adsense vs. IntelliTXT
IntelliTXT does not pay better than Adsense, but the support is really awesome. We're going to get an account representative who will serve us well and the attention of the performance of our website. It's nice if we have a question, can immediately contact support representative. Adsense vs.. IntelliTXT, great support, targeted ads, great service!

Adsense Alternative
The above table ranks each contextual advertiser and the results for 1000 clicks. Statistics such as click through rate, clicks and earnings per click are all based on actual conditions, but still less accurate. Every day of the week, advertisers are spending limit and can lead to these statistics change in a day and even every hour. Adsense is not included in the list, because it is not permissible uuntuk displaying statistics, tp be said Google's Adsense program still remains the best.

Here's a list of Adsense alternatives available to you in an attempt to monetize the web:
1. Adbrite
2. AdEngage
3. Adgenta
4. Adhearus
5. AffiliateSensor
6. AllFeeds
7. AlternutAd
8. BannerBoxes
9. BidClix
10. Bidvertiser
11. CBProSense
12. Chitika (Falling Fast!)
13. ClicksAdsDirect
14. Clicksor
15. ContextWeb
16. Enhance Interactive
17. ExpoActive
18. Fastclick text ads
19. InfoGrabber
20. Intellitxt (Awesome support!)
21. Kanoodle
22. Mirago (out soon)
23. Miva (FindWhat/Espotting)
24. Nixxie
25. Quigo
26. RevenuePilot
27. SearchFeed
28. TargetPoint
29. Veoda
30. Yahoo YPN (In Beta, Awesome payout)

So, if you get google adsense Ban ... my advice: "Do not put eggs in one basket". If fall later broke all;)) do not hang it on google adsense your earnings online.

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