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There are several ways to get traffic quickly to your blog and your website. But the majority of how it takes a long time and requires a process. But there are several ways that can be spelled out quickly to get traffic. Some are free and some paid, so fair, I'll let both ways.

The first way you can use classified ads, classified ads put your hours in rush hour and the majority of people opening the computer, create a compelling ad and get people interested to read your ad is. In order to maximize the effects, you should plug into a lot of classified ads.
If you can, you should attach to 20-50 ads per day. If you want this job more easily you can use software to place your ad, the ad will be attached directly to over 1200 classifieds.

The second way is by using Google's Adword, this way of paying, your ads will be installed on websites google adsense publisher and will be installed as well in the search results page on google. Interestingly, you will only pay if your ad is clicked, so your ad is really the maximum. For website in Indonesian, you can try AdsenseCamp, kumpulblogger, and ppc-indo.

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